Your Basic Guide to Roulette

One of the most iconic casino games out there is roulette. You can typically find it in
movies that depict the casinos and it is definitely one that people enjoy- whether they
play it at a live casino or online.

There are two versions of the game and the main difference is that one has more
pockets than the other one. Still, the game is played the same way and provides a lot of
avenues for players to test their luck when playing the game.

This article will serve as your basic guide to roulette. I will talk about the information that
you need so that you will be aware of the different terminologies used in the game.


Before anything else, I want to briefly touch on the history of the game. Roulette has
actually been around for centuries now and it has received quite a lot of iterations
before it has arrived at the version we play nowadays.

The game was invented back in the 17 th century by the French Inventor, Blaise Pascal.
One day, Pascal accidentally developed a wheel that can be hoisted on a rotating
machine to study mathematical probabilities.

In 1843, Loius Blanc and Francois developed the classic European version of the game.
Through the years, it received minor revisions up to the point that the American version
of the game (where an additional pocket was added) was created.

The Basics

People who want to try this game out for the first time would be happy to know that the
game is actually quite easy. So easy, in fact, that I would definitely recommend this to
newcomers mainly because all you have to do is either choose a number range or the
color where the ball might land.

The roulette table is made of up different grids that have a different colored felt (usually
red or black) with some numbers printed either at the top or the bottom of the grid. The
indicated pockets are what is commonly known as the inside bets.

In another configuration, there will be an area where you can place specific bets.
Whether you select a range of numbers or a different colored felt, this area is reserved
for outside bets.

Before the game is played, the dealer will take in the bets. When they shout “no more
bets”, the ball will then be dropped and it would start rolling into the spinning wheel. At
some point, the ball will stop at a certain pocket and you will then win or lose depending
on the outcome.

The Inside and Outside

If you are going to bet on a specific number, then you are going to place an inside bet.
There are different markers on the roulette table where you can place your bets and that
will correspond to the number that you want to choose.

For outside bets, you can either select a dozen numbers, a column bet, or even a snake
bet where the outline looks like a snake (but also ends up counting up to 12 numbers).