Sodium and Calcium Lignosulfonates Uses in Concrete

Sodium (lignosulfonate) are water reducers and mainly used for mixing concrete as an additive to reduce water. This chemical has low air content, high water dilution rate, low dosage, and is suitable for most types of cement. Sodium Lignosulphonate is an aqueous solvent and is mainly used as an admixture in concrete to reduce water. This chemical has low air content, high water dilution rate, low dosage, and is suitable for most types of cement. Made from the best ingredients, this chemical contains more than 80% organic matter and is rich in potassium and nitrogen. This sodium lingo sulfonate is ideal for application in dam projects, construction projects, driveway projects, etc.

Sodium Lignosulphonates is a concrete water reducing agent. Sodium Lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6) is a kind of water-reducing agent trapped in dusty, low air. This anionic surface binds to the active substance and has an absorption and dispersion effect on the cement. It can improve the various physical properties of concrete.

In concrete mixed with linen superplasticizer, the concrete mix with Calcium Lignosulfonate can reduce water consumption and reduce the water-to-cement ratio. Thus, improve efficiency, which is suitable for pumping, concrete strength, and density, and improve stability.

It is a product of the sulfite method for making paper from wood pulp. Lignosulfonate is a complex mixture of small and medium polymer compounds with molecularly bonded sulfonate groups. This is sometimes called precipitated lignin. This chemical is similar to a plasticizer in the manufacture of concrete, as it facilitates making concrete with less water while maintaining the flowability of concrete. It is also used in the preparation of cement as it aids in grinding in a cement mill and as a raw mixture of silver.


1) Better water-solubility

2) Surf activity and dispersion force

3) Antimicrobial and preservative properties


Application area

1) Porcelain

2) Animal food

3) Petroleum industry

4) Dyestuff concrete mix

5) all Metallurgical Engineering

6) arc carbon black pesticide

Usage in:

In the field of condensate additives, the sodium lignosulphonates product can be applied as a multi-performance compound for water reduction by reducing the mixture of commonly prepared materials and water. It can be applied directly to concrete as an additive and mixed with water reducing, such as melamine chain, naphthalene chain, etc., and it is also suitable materials for chain release agents.


This chemical can be used as an adhesive in the molding process in vertical retort zinc odor. In addition, it can be used in ceramics, pottery, and refractory materials as a fetal strengthening agent and improves fetal strength by increasing the flow of the fetus.


Storage & Handling:

This can be easily stored in original closed and undamaged containers, in a dry place. The temperature for storage varies from 4°C and 25°C. keeping away from moisture is always advised by experts.