Major Considerations to Make When Finding a Web Host

A lot of people ask me how to get the best web hosting provider out there. Well, instead
of answering their questions one by one, I thought of creating an entire article dedicated
to finding the best hosting solution for you. Read further to find out some major
considerations to make when finding a web host.

Bandwidth and Storage

These two things are probably the most important things to consider when looking for a
hosting provider. Before you go out there and find one, though, it is important that you
know exactly how much you need. And, to help you with that, you must first know the
main purpose of your website.

If it is just a personal blog, the cheapest plan that your hosting company can give to you
would usually be okay for most users. That is because a blog is not that hard to run and
it only requires some resources for it to function properly.

The only time that you might want to consider getting more bandwidth on your blog is if
you find that you get a surge of internet traffic. You might have created interest in your
audience which resulted in a spike in traffic.

For business websites, I suggest that you get a company that provides scalable
services. That is because you will never know how much bandwidth and storage you
need until you need them.

For the uninitiated, ‘scalable’ services are those that can be acquired at any time when
you need the resources the most. In this context, let’s say that there will be a huge
surge in traffic in the Holiday season, you might want to upgrade your bandwidth only
for that specific season and come back down to your original plan afterward.

Service Reliability

Another important consideration to make is how reliable the servers of your hosting
provider are. Although it is impossible to get 100% server uptime, any company that
touts to give you at least 97% server reliability is good enough for most use-cases.

The reason why you can never achieve 100% uptime is due to the fact that server
computers, no matter how powerful they can be, can still fail at any time. The company
would have to change server components when that happens which may result in
service downtime.

But, do not just take a company’s word for it; it is still best that you cross-examine that
with personal reviews from real users so that you can really tell if a particular hosting
provider is indeed telling the truth or not.

Social Proof Matters

Speaking of real reviews, after making a shortlist of hosting companies that might
provide you with the services that you need, it is important to check what they offer by
looking at user reviews. That is because nothing beats personal accounts than what
companies would often tell to you.

Social proof is, therefore, important when you find the right web hosting company for
you. Ideally, you want to look at both positive and negative reviews and decide for
yourself which one is best based on all of the data that you’ve collected.