Jobs In The Healthcare Industry That You Can Choose

diploma in medical assistant

The Healthcare industry is one of the industries that will keep on developing and always in need of fresh workers especially when it comes to dealing with machines and patients. Working in the medical field is very interesting because you will get to choose a job that suits you or maybe something you really like.

diploma in medical assistantMost of the jobs in the healthcare industry are very worthwhile as you are able to learn a lot of things while working and the annual salary can get up to RM360,000. The salary usually will depend on your education level and years of experience. The longer you have been in the industry, the higher your salary could get.

  1.       Physician

Physician or commonly known as a medical doctor is the first stage of being a medical practitioner if you ever think of being a specialist or a surgeon. A medical doctor cannot operate on the patients but they will diagnose, prescribe medication and give consultation to the patients regarding their physical health. They will also be the one to treat the disease as long as it does not involve any surgery. After additional years of practice, a physician or medical doctor can open their own clinic if they want to.

  1.       Medical assistant

A medical assistant is someone who does administrative duties at a doctor’s office or hospital. They will check the patients’ information, vital signs, blood pressure and help the medical doctors to examine the patients’ disease. Being a medical assistant is the fastest way to get into the healthcare industry. Two to three years of Diploma in Medical Assistant is usually enough to be a medical assistant but it all depends on the employer. Some might prefer to hire someone with a degree certificate especially when the employer is a big hospital.

  1.       Therapist

Even though during practical training the medical doctors are also trained to deal with the mentally ill patients, they are not trained to diagnose or treat the patient. Therapists are responsible to do all those jobs. They help the patient to overcome their mental disorder in order to live a normal life. Mental disorder varies in all aspects so, therapists also can choose their own specialisms like how the surgeons could. For example, eating disorders, childhood depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are the types of mental disorder that affect the lives of the patients in so many ways. Therapist will be the person they talk to about it and is responsible to treat the patients.

  1.       Surgeon

Surgeon is the person who will be performing medical procedures on patients that may require surgeries or any physical changes. Taking a Bachelor in Medical and Surgery (MBBS) will be one of the steps to be a surgeon. It requires years of practice and you can also choose your specialism. Neurosurgeon will be the expert for brain and neuro surgery, cosmetic surgeon usually deals with burn or plastic surgery when needed by the patients or cardiovascular surgeon that deals with anything related to heart. If you don’t think of being a specialist, a general surgeon is the best as it deals with a wide range of surgery.