Here are the top 5 tips for wedding planning. Everyone knows how stressful preparing for your best wedding event management. It’s a big responsibilities and obligations for the both of you. Follow these 5 important tips:

The Guests!

The first thing thing to do is make a guest list of the attendees. You don’t have to agree on the final lists, but still it will give you a rough idea of numbers and  the size of venue that you’re looking for.

The Venue!

This is the most important thing you can do to get you a better place to held. Don’t stop looking other venues until you find the right one for you.


Try to search online and get some idea about your wedding dress to wear in your wedding day. Find a dress that would perfectly suit with the themes/concepts you have.


If you want to form an entertainment for your wedding day, then hired and organized things that needed organize as well. A music Band? DJ? Photo Booth? Or simple simple introduction number? This is to make sure that everyone is having fun in your wedding day.

Your Partner!

Your love of your life. Your lifetime partner.